Removal and Complete Dentures

There are many reasons that patients lose their teeth, including gum disease, decay, injury, accident and as part of the natural aging process. Whatever the reason, losing one or more teeth can be a source of embarrassment that makes you not want to smile, and can also cause problems with eating, the health of any remaining teeth and even with speaking.

Fortunately, there are many solutions that can give you back your confidence and your dental health.

At Diamond dental care we provide removal complete dentures or partial denture to help improve your function and appearance.


Like natural teeth, dentures can accumulate plaque and food debris, particularly in areas where the denture is in contact with the remaining teeth and gum. In addition to the usual oral hygiene measures like tooth brushing, dentures should be cleaned regularly. Poor denture hygiene can result in stains on the denture and a bad odour.

If possible, dentures should be removed and cleaned after every meal. When cleaning, remember the following:

Use a soft hand brush or a special denture brush.
Avoid very hot water as it may distort the denture.
Use mild detergent to clean dentures. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that can roughen the polished surface of the denture. Do not use bleach as this may whiten the pink acrylic.
Hold the denture firmly while cleaning. Accidentally dropping the denture may result in chipped or broken dentures. Always wash your denture over a basin of water.
Soak the dentures in denture cleanser once a week to remove stains and always rinse them thoroughly before using the dentures again.
When you are not wearing the dentures, store them in water. Dentures may lose their shape if left to dry out.

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